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Jet testing in Moscow

Aviamotornaya street and subway station are very well known in Moscow. They are named in honor of the state aircraft engine factory "Salut", which is located nearby, occupying the block along the avenue Budyonny. The plant produces jet engines and has expanded to now be able to test the engines at their final stage of development. The local district has seen the introduction of a runway despite the fact the engines can not fly! Furthermore, the air is now saturated with smell of harmful fuel and dangerous bi-products created by the combustion of the jet fuel.

The plant, of course, was not founded yesterday, but nearly one hundred years ago. It was named "Gnome" and was located at the Semenovski Army Necropolis - built on top of the graves of Russian soldiers without consent of their loved ones. Later "the Bolsheviks" moved the testing equipment to Golden street - directly next to the residential region of Lefortovo: at this time human life was worth nothing. The reason to destroy the cemetery and build a testing site here is still a mystery. Will we ever understand the gnomes?

In the period of "developed socialism", human life had no real value. However, in 1996 State Sanitary Standards Act for "Noise in the workplace, in residential, public buildings and in residential areas" was drown up and approved. However, this did not force the company to ensure safety in production. After the financial crisis in the 90's in Russia, the plant management apparently decided that profit was more important than the health of the local population. Officials in various departments have been keeping silence, in spite of the excessive noise and infra-sound - that is now generated at the "Salut" plant.This is a state military enterprise and nobody dares to enterfere - not the state supervisors, not the government, not the deputies, and certanly not the human rights ombudsman.

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If you do not consider yourself as cattle, show the gnomes and demons, the middle finger!

Do not collaborate with this plant and do not buy their products - you will be crippling children and killing the old with their toxic funes.

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